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Are you a member of EPA’s Visit and become part of a growing, interactive network of community-based asthma programs helping to lead communities in delivering quality asthma care! Share ideas, experiences, and best practices with other members of this expansive network. Engage in conversation with the Network discussion forum and share resources with other members of the asthma community.

As a member of this community, you will gain access to a variety of interactive tools and resources that facilitate collaboration, problem solving and information sharing among representatives from asthma programs, health plans, health care providers, government health and environmental agencies, nonprofits, coalitions, schools, and more—all of whom are striving to better the quality of life for people suffering with asthma.

Help lead asthma care in the U.S.! The Network is offered at no cost and open to all communities and individuals across the nation committed to helping people with asthma live the healthy and active lives they deserve. To register and get started, click here.



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